Light Cavalry in English


The Light Cavalry provides professional made-to-measure services in the art, cultural, and leisure fields.

Advice in search and retrieval of information pertaining to heritage, marketing, project planning, and production.

Minimum overhead, maximum results.


The Light Cavalry is an association of freelance specialists in the broad fields of culture, leisure, and art. We gather professional know-how tailored precisely to the client’s needs, without superfluities or overhead.

The Light Cavalry was set up because we seek to combine quality and durability, social positioning and surplus value with fresh cultural projects , the revaluation of art and heritage, without using a lot of big words. We each have acquired and built up a considerable expertise over the past 20 years, spanning all corners of the art and cultural landscape. We now wish to make this know-how available in a direct and concise manner and under the most favourable conditions outside of the organisations for which we have been working until now. You may want to call it cultural entrepreneurship with a soul.

The Light Cavalry is light in overhead: we seek out people with the right heart, mindset, and eagerness for the job; we are there when needed and disappear when the work is done, quickly and efficiently.

The Light Cavalry is heavy though when it comes to return: we work quickly and efficiently, we deploy people with the right network, knowledge, and potential to correctly assess the assignment, set up an effective planning, and get more out of a project in terms of realisation and communication than a normal organisation would. And there’s no small print.

The Light Cavalry gets the right people for every project.


Luc Dewaele

Together we explore what exactly it is you need, what the possibilities, budgets, and requirements are. We do not always have all the necessary knowledge and workforce at hand, so we do regularly call in the assistance of specialised freelancers. Together with you, and for each separate project, we look into what kind of expertise is needed, and make up a detailed price estimate. In this way, you know exactly who you take on, what you can expect, and when the cavalry pulls out.